Saturday, January 24, 2009

The first and only post (about sandwiches)

Well this is really just the first post. I have to do it to start off the blog, so here it is. yayyyy!

Some stuff about me... I live in Dublin, Ireland (so I'm going by UK timetables for movie releases) I'm 15 (don't judge my intelligence cause of that) I adore movies, with a passion. And that's about it really.

Reviewers i listen to: Empire, Filmspotting, The AV club.

As well as reviews, I've got other articles I had ideas about.

I Love..: A segment devoted to anything in the section of film that I love, whether it be a performance, a scene, a director, etc. etc.

Marathons: I totally stole this from filmspotting, but I feel it makes sense for me because I've only been a film fan for two years and still have huge gaps in my film education. I will be changing a couple of things form the filmspotting archetype. While they had very specific topics like Werner Herzog and only 6 movies of his, I'm starting with a 70's marathon that should encompass about 20 movies.

That's about it really. So I'll get right into it. Hooray!

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